About Us

‘Dancing At The Crossroads’ has become an annual event in Cabinteely with numbers in excess of 2,000 patrons attending on the Saturday Night in July. We hope to grow this weekend event into a number of activities to create the Cabinteely Festival in July each year. The Ceili was supported in the past, but the new location has enhanced the appeal for more people to visit Cabinteely, experience its hospitality and partake of some of our food delicacies in the open air. The Ceili team is a community effort and this support contributes to its popularity. Cabinteely is now becoming very popular as a venue to meet, have a coffee, chat, and community spirit is high and we may be guilty of pride in our Village, but we are proud of Cabinteely.


The vision which prompted the renewal of ‘Dancing At the Crossroads’  Ceili was threefold.

  • In Recession; It was hoped that people/families should have one night to enjoy each other. Meet, Greet, Chat, have a glass of ‘orange’, some nosh, enjoy their village community.
  • Create road closure, offering families/children a safe environment to meet their buddies and have the craic.
  • That families/patrons of ‘DANCING AT THE CROSSROADS’ Ceili would mark the event in their calendar and support event annually.
  • Renewal of Traditional Irish activities in Urban locations is one of our goals.

As numbers continue to grow, come early next year to get good spot on ‘Ceili 2013’ Site.